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Satin Blusher

With unique satin matte blusher get versatile shine on your cheeks for silky and soft feeling whole day long. It blends seamlessly for natural, soft radiant color. Silky smooth

Satin Smooth Highlighter (Blusher)

The perfect sun kissed glow with a natural tone blusher for an alluring look. It includes glowing shades for an irresistible power for the cheeks. The velvet effect creates a long lasting impact and highlights the face to get the desirable sultry look.

Shimmer Highlighter

Fine micronized pigments with shimmer effects in powder form highlights your make up elevating you to the focus of every eyeball. It can be coupled with the lip color, eye shades, eyeliner, blusher and base to attain the desired shine and glow to the face.


It gives an instant highlighting & brightening effect to the eyes. With a smooth application, it provides a double shade in an enticing finish from silver to golden tone.

Perfect Remover

Scientific revolution for Makeup removal which is easy to apply with no irritation on skin. This oil free remover is perfect for face rejuvenation.

Aqua Sindoor

Unique combination of Indian and ethnic colors with the goodness of antiseptic turmeric and cooling sandalwood. Aqua Sindoor is a pride of a married Indian woman. It is available in two shades, i.e. Red and Maroon