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Beauty Make up Kit

This specially assorted beauty make up kit makes you special even among a crowd of millions. Keeping your worth in mind, we have come forth with the pack of vanity kit which includes different make up items. It is available in 3 Range.


It includes High Definition Pancake (2), White Eye pencil (1), High Definition Make Up Base (2), Pearl Eye Shade (1), Eye Pigment (1), Shimmer Highlighter (2), Cake Eyeliner (1), High Definition Loose Powder (2), Creamy Mascara (1), Bridal Lip pallet (1), Satin Blusher (1), Face & Body Illuminator Lotion (1), Lip Liner Pencil (2), Satin Smooth Highlighter – Blusher

( It available in 3 variants ) Basic, Regular and Grand